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Father God

Roman Catholics follow a certain set or rules derived from the bible—the Ten Commandments. This set of rules is not to be broken by anyone to avoid punishment and to preserve the chance to get into the kingdom of Father God.
Those who have done good things are the only ones accepted in heaven. Those who have broken way too many rules and have not done a single repentance are sent straight to hell where there is an endless amount of misery.

The Ten Commandments indicate that there should be no other gods worshipped other than the Highest Being, Father God. That is the top rule and is the most important. The second commandment is that He should not be made into any form of idol. Bowing down to any other forms aside from Him invites punishment. The third commandment is to not use His name in vain. To misuse the Lord’s name will anger Him. The fourth commandment is one of the reasons why there is a mandatory day-off for almost all employees. It indicates that there should only be six days of labor per week. The last day is regarded as the Sabbath and it should always be maintained holy. The Sabbath should only be for the Lord and no one else. All regular duties should be finished before that day comes to prevent it from being disgraced. The fifth commandment is to honor parents. Doing this enables people to live a longer life in land and a better life after death.

The next half of the Ten Commandments focus primarily on sins done by humans to other humans. Most of these commandments are already covered by government laws. The sixth one is to not murder that is punishable by death in some countries. The seventh commandment is to not commit adultery. Father God honors marriage and no one would be allowed something as holy as marriage. Even government laws are against it because it is simply not right. The eighth commandment is to not steal. Father God respects everyone’s property and to take someone else’s property is unforgivable even by the legal law. The ninth commandment is to not give false testimonies against any one. That is equivalent to lying and it could destroy another human life. The tenth and final commandment prohibits mankind to covet anything that is owned by other people.

Obeying these Ten Commandments earn opportunity to enter the kingdom of God. The heaven is a paradise where loved ones who used to be together while they were on land can get back and be much, much happier. The heaven is filled with surprisingly pleasant events and endless bliss. The other place is a dreadful one and is inevitable for the sinful. People who have done way too many sins go straight to hell and will never get the chance to even see how wonderful heaven is. Most people may be sinful but Father God is a forgiving being. He loves mankind so much that He is willing to forgive just about any sin. As long as the human is utterly sincere of his apologies, God will have no second thoughts in giving him another chance to enter His kingdom.

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