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Worship God

Because we are created in the Lord’s image and likeness, there is a need to pay respect to the One whom we put our deep faith into. It is God who created all of these graces and gifts in our lives, and we can show our gratitude to Him in many ways than we can imagine. Worshipping God is embodied in the Ten Commandments of Christianity, which declares: “Thou shall not have other gods above me.”

Respect and outpour of faith are just few of the great things that we can do to praise God. Learning to pay respect to others is an indirect way of worshipping Him. Valuing the opinions, beliefs, and practices of others is also a form of respect and worship to God through His creations. In our daily lives, we offer great thanks to God by cultivating good relationships with other people. This means removing any trace of doubt, mistrust, hatred, jealousy, and cheating from our daily encounters with them. We adore God because we are grateful for His presence in our lives, and by doing so, we must be thankful for the gift of friends, family and good company that He has given us.

Venerating God in the form of statues and saint icons is also another solid manifestation of Christian faith. Contrary to the Greek Orthodox teachings, Roman Catholics give worship to God in His saints by offering flowers, gifts and financial indulgences which are entirely voluntary. Worshipping God does not imply compulsory visits to the church. Worshipping God is a personal devotion that is more than just regular church visits. It entails belief and trust, and most importantly, faith.

For Christians, to worship God is also to internalize the Ten Commandments. A nominal Christian is one ho memorizes the Ten Commandments by word, but lives a life that is totally opposite to what he preaches. To truly worship God, a Christian must learn to live by his teachings, to practice his faith, and to live the kind of life that Jesus himself shared with us humans. The sins, according to the Ten Commandments, include stealing, adultery, murder—all of which should be avoided at all times to show respect to God and to His people.

Maintaining good faith towards God is also one way of worshipping Him. One can only worship the Lord if he has good faith and trust in Him. The power of faith helps us partly understand Divine Intervention as it occurs in our daily lives. There is probably no way that a man can fully grasp a divine phenomenon solely with the help of human wisdom. Faith in itself is a powerful medium that helps us connect to God in a more powerful approach than human relationships.

Likewise, a man cannot continue to adore the Lord while living a life that constantly rejects God’s love and goodwill, and His holy teachings. It is hypocrisy to say that a rich man praises the Lord, while remaining a tyrant to his subordinates.

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