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Love is God

Love is God and God is love. This is how believers picture the Almighty Father. Those who do not have a good relationship with the Lord or those finding their way towards him or even those who do not believe oftentimes complicate their views and images of God.
What these people fall short on is the fact that God is a wonderful God, he is love and he is never complicated. People tend to admire big words and theological statements just to get noticed, but what they fail to recognize is that God only wants to be understood in a simple and uncomplicated way, just like him.

Do you know that you can honor and bring glory to God even without bringing yourself to complex superfluous things? Notice what fruit bearing trees are for, they are planted so you can have food in your mouth, so that you can have something to cover you up when the sun shines brightly and to save people from the rainy days. This is the purpose of trees and believe it or not, trees glorify and give honor to God by giving you foods in your mouth and protection from the sun and rain. It lives to its purpose and provide humans what God asked them to do. Notice the birds, they give honor to God by flying in huge skies and chirp, the flowers give their great honor and respect to God as they bloom beautifully. These simple creatures obey God and give him what he deserves. Now, the question is, do you give honor to God by living to the purpose he has given you? Are you like the trees, birds and flowers that glorify God of what is asked of them?

Oftentimes, it takes lifeís simplicity for a man to understand that God is calling you yet, you refuse to hear. If you love God and desire to follow his commandments, one way of living that purpose is through a genuine worship. The art of worship is not merely exhibited by singing worship songs, praying and praising the Lord. There is more to singing, praying and praising that is most admired by God. Worshiping him should be something that is not complicated through enjoying his presence.

God longed to be enjoyed by you. Once you begin to have this kind of worship as a lifestyle, you will realize that everything you do is an act of worship to God. When you enjoy Godís presence, you talk to him every single second of your life, you share your sentiments, your emotions, your victory, happiness, your sins, lusts, everything! Everything is shared to God and this is how he wants every people to worship him.

Make God not just a portion of your life but a whole and complete part of it. God smiles at you when you worship him supremely, he smiles at you when you obey him unconditionally, he smiles at you when you honor and give thanks to him persistently and most of all you make him smile when you use your talents and abilities for his glory.

Are you making God smile in the kind of life you lead? Bring a smile to his face today! God is a simple God, an uncomplicated creator who simply wants to be understood and loved by YOU.

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