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Finding God

Our lives are full of everyday hurdles and challenges that we need to overcome to make us one step closer to being a full person. Sometimes as goals are reached, we are confronted with riddles, the perplexity of the attainment of the goal itself. Having a perseverance and patience does not necessarily define us as a whole being. A major driving factor that dwells in us is primarily our faith. The stronger our faith becomes the easier we find God as the ultimate victory in achieving our goals.

Faith in God

Our everyday lives may or may not be the typical Christian way of living, which is why our faith differs in strength and in extent. Moreover, God reveals himself to us in different ways. God may be viewed differently according to the personís culture, beliefs, generation, ancestry and even social relationships with men. If God can occur to intervene in our everyday lines, there is a very big chance that not everyone can actually notice him. It is safe to say such statement because God is still the last bearer of his good news, which means that he will reveal himself to his people at the time, place and circumstance that he desires. Therefore, a manís journey to find God, starts with his faith and eagerness to feel and discover Godís presence in his daily life.

Finding God in people

We meet different kinds of people everyday. God can reveal himself to these people by delivering to them His good news so that they can hand it over to you. The simple message that God conveys could be in the form of grief, achievement, loss or opportunities. God can also be seen from the face of a man who needs immediate help or in someone who is trying to change the world with simple charity works. God can be your landlord who does not cease from reminding you of your months debt, trying to help you realize that life is short to be unprepared for the ripple of your actions. We can see God everywhere if we will only try to grasp the message that he is trying to convey even with simple things.

Finding God in events

God may show himself in daily life phenomenon that nobody can fully explain. God tries to help us value the very essence of our existence by letting us see the fruits of his creations. When God tries to reach out to his people, it can be inferred that he intends to convey an important message that cannot be fully understood in one sitting. God may be present in the form of a job promotion, latest weather forecast, highest paid commercial phone, or daily words of wisdom from a beggar.

The possibility that we can grasp Godís message and presence still depends on the level of our human faith. Following God is not a simple task, especially because we may fail to see his trails and get lost in the middle of nowhere.

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