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Where is God?

Anyone who has suffered from a terrible ordeal in life might have already asked the same question. Where is God? The way to find Him may not be a smooth road, and finding where God is will probably a man to much question and dilemmas which the due to the limits of human wisdom will fail to grasp his real intentions.

Really, where is God? Where does He frequently lay his eyes upon? How does he see our pains and sufferings? God is everywhere. He lives in the heart of your neighbors and your enemies as well.

God equally exists in the good and the bad, for when God is bringing suffering to the world, he only wants his people to reflect from their sins. A typical scenario is a young petty thief, who in his random choice of victims has picked you to be the next. At one glance, do you see God in this event? For many, God is not with the child, who is trying to do something evil obviously, he is not a son of God. But to those who have transcended to a deeper level of understanding Godís peculiar ways of revealing Himself, God is with this lost soul. At the moment the kid tries to steal from you, God is trying to establish a point of connection, a painfully staking one, to remind you that there are so much more people in this world who complain more than just about a bad hair day.

If God can be known to manifest things in the face of a man trying to do evil to his fellow Christian, how much more with the eyes of a Good Samaritan, who is willing to save lives with little generous deeds.
God can be present even at the simplest hours of our lives. We encounter God in totally different ways, for people all have unique experiences of finding God in our daily routine. Truly, the depth of our spiritual experience determines our faith towards finding God even in the simplest ways. We need to carry on his faith to a higher level that transcends human reasoning, because the very essence of faith cannot be explained by logic or science.

We must learn to understand that God is not an existential being. God cannot be bound by any time domain or human body. He exists in a way that not even wisdom can explain even if it tries to reveal itself in the form of magic. God is a transcendental phenomenon that cannot be fully explained by human wisdom or reasoning. Therefore, the question as to where God is really is may be forever left unanswered, since God knows no time and body, and our human experience with Him is totally relative to our faith towards Him. God tries to reach out in many than we can imagine, and for all we know, God lives inside the hearts of each of us, waiting to be awakened, to be cherished, and to be loved.

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